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A calculated flick of the wrist sends a small, white eggshell-colored ping-pong ball in the direction of 10 red party cups, each glinting in the light from liquid spilled during the last game and the inevitable loss of fluid during refilling.

After a second in the air, it turns downward to the pyramid of cups across the table. A click in the air is the sound the ball makes as it hits the back of the white inner cup and drops into the fizzy yellow glow of a quarter cup of Natural Ice.

This is the life of a college partyer: nights playing Beirut around crowds of people and roaming the streets with a few friends, a 6-pack and a hankering for a rowdy party.

Depending on the week, the click of a ping-pong ball against plastic party cups, or the bump of Lil Jon’s latest hit could be a three-night ordeal.


Three nights a week may seem like a lot to some people, but during the time of one’s life when friends and having a good time are as important as the learning that goes on in their college classrooms, it is important to understand how to get by – or better yet, to excel.

Partying in college can be fun, enjoyable and, in heavy doses, the beginning of major problems. That is why it is important to have a good time while at the same time finding a balance between school and after hours activities, social science junior Vanessa Mathews said.

“When you’re in college, school is your life,” Mathews said. “If you’re not doing well in your classes then part of your life sucks. It just feels better knowing your life is taken care of.” Finding a balance and settling into a routine is the key to maintaining a positive learning experience while at the same time having a good time outside of school.

“I’m going to have to buckle down this year,” Mathews said, referring to the upcoming school year.

Buckling down and finding a nice medium between partying and school is the best solution, according to Mathews.

Software engineer senior Broc Miramontes agrees.

“Balance between work, partying and school is essential,” he said. “The more you party during the weekend, the harder you have to work during the week.”

What’s Miramontes’ secret to success?

“I don’t sleep, I eat shitty and I stay up late,” he said.

And it seems to work.

Miramontes maintains a 3.71 GPA, logging his name on the Dean’s list quarter after quarter.

“I’m for moderate partying,” software engineering senior Meshaal Al- Rushaid said. “Having a social life doesn’t have to hinder your ability to get a good grade.”

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