A new club aiming to promote womxn empowerment has made its way to Cal Poly. Founded Winter 2018, Mujeres was created after the founders realized there was a need for a student-run support group for womxn-identifying students of color. The club is on track to be officially chartered under Associated Students, Inc. by Fall 2018.

“I felt like this campus needed that type of club at this school, especially since we’re lacking in Latinx clubs,” animal science junior and co-founder Kimberly Lariz said. “There’s a lot of sororities, but there’s no actual club dedicated to supporting womxn of color here. I just felt like there was a need for that club to start.”

Mujeres is a social club and hosts events for members to attend throughout the year, such as beach days and breakfasts. The club also serves as an alternative to joining a sorority for students who may not be able to afford greek life.

“A lot of us aren’t financially able to be in a sorority, so this is like the alternative. It’s more of a social club,” animal science senior and co-founder Andrea Arana said. “We can just unite about issues that arise within the year, or previous years, and basically just empowering womxn.”

Political science sophomore and co founder Rosa Elena López said she would like to clear the misconception that because of the name, it is only for those who identify as Latinx.

“[Mujeres] was just the name that we chose because of our culture, and our attachment through [Movimento Estudiantil Xicano De Aztlán (MEXA)],” López said. “We are welcoming of all womxn of color, whatever ethnic or racial background they may have.”

All of the co-founders of Mujeres also serve as officers for MEXA, an organization promoting higher education for students who identify as Xicanx.

López also said people might see this as them isolating themselves, but this is actually a way for womxn-identifying students of color to feel like they have a sense of community and support outside of other things they are involved in.

“We want to support and empower those who identify as female students of color on this campus and also those who identify as gender non-binary, our trans sisters and just anyone that feels that they can benefit from this club in some sort of way,” López said. “We want them to know that this is a safe space that’s open to them and that we would be more than welcoming to having them join us.”

Meetings for Mujeres are held on Mondays from 6 to 7 p.m. in Agriculture Sciences (building 11, room 221).

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