Kinesiology senior Nick Larson and aerospace engineering senior Jake Devincenzi are Mustang News beer columnists. | David Jang/Mustang News

Nick Larson and Jake Devincenzi
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Kinesiology senior Nick Larson and aerospace engineering senior Jake Devincenzi are Mustang News beer columnists.

We often find ourselves sitting around the house, sipping on a beer and wondering, “Hmm, what should we do today?” Or rather, “Hmm, where shall we drink beer today?” If you, loyal reader, ever find yourself in a similar dilemma, remember this column. We have enjoyed many swimming pools’ worth of beer and while you can never go wrong drinking a brew at home with a buddy or two, here is our list of the top 10 places to enjoy craft beer.

10. Sporting events

And more specifically, all you Mustangs, Krukow’s Klubhouse at Baggett Stadium. Two shout-outs are in order. One, to the No. 1 baseball team in the nation (all polls that say otherwise don’t matter). Two, to whoever picks the Krukow’s Klubhouse beer. We sincerely thank you for serving craft beer. Not drinking crap makes the game that much better. That’s not to say drinking a Bud Light at a ballgame is unacceptable, but mass-produced (or, as stuck-in-the-80s Europeans call it, “American”) beer is giving way to the booming craft culture. We live in the best craft beer country in the world, so why not enjoy the beautiful juxtaposition of the American craft with America’s pastime?

9. At a brewery

Have you ever had the urge to enjoy the best beer around with the most knowledgeable people around? If you haven’t, you’re scientifically incorrect. The best place to do so is right at the source, and beer people are the best people. Get to the nearest brewery, meet the brewers/pourers/janitors/anyone and start learning everything you can. Oh, and drink some of that delicious, life-giving beverage.

8. Atop a mountain

Again, we’ll give some credit to the beers we dislike — Coors, and more recently Shocktop, have embraced the whole mountain thing. But while a beer at the highest bar in the world sounds cool, how annoying would it be to get to the top of a mountain and find out the only thing on tap is Shocktop? We’d be pissed. Whether you prefer firelit evenings in the cabin or gnarly pow days on the slopes, it’s hard to beat the refreshing taste of malts and hops when you are surrounded by a sea of fluffy white heaven-water. Your can of beer does not have to tell you how cold it is for you to enjoy it in the Rockies.

7. Bottle shares

Sharing is caring. Wow — we actually just wrote that. Having now hosted two wildly successful bottle shares, we believe we have proven the theory that five 4-ounce pours is, in fact, greater than one 22-ounce pour.

6. With your parents

It may sound lame, but drinking with your parents is awesome. It’s fun teaching them about good beer while getting to know your parents in a way you couldn’t when you were younger. It’s great bonding time, and you realize your parents might not be as lame as you thought they were. Oh, and they’ll usually pick up the tab, which is nice.

5. The beach

The advertising team at Corona has the right idea. Drinking on the beach is amazing. The sound of waves, lack of clothing and built-in cup holder that is sand make for the perfect environment. I guess the only thing wrong with a Corona commercial is, well, the Corona.

4. Music festivals

Did you hear we went to Coachella this past week? Sure, the music was phenomenal and camping was sensational … but what blew us away was the craft beer garden — 36 taps rotating throughout the day from breweries across the country. Couple that with seeing a passed-out Action Bronson in the corner, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better craft beer drinking environment.

3. Hot tub

For added awesome: in a hot tub, on a roof. Don’t have a hot tub on your roof? That’s unfortunate. Regardless, the combination of hot water, bubbles and a nice, cold craft brewski is something to die for. We have spent many a night lounging in hot tubs together with the finest barrel-aged beers, talking about life with our dear friend and editor-in-chief James Jacob Jenkins.

2. Airplane

Nothing makes a long flight go by faster and more enjoyably than beer. Having experienced a flight where the airline served complimentary local craft beer, we can claim it was the best flight of our lives. Who wants to be drunk and high at the same time, drinking beer on an airplane? Us.

1. Wherever the hell you are at this very minute

The best beer in the world is the one in your hand. The best company is the people next to you. And the best time to drink craft beer is right now. So stop reading this column, get off your ass and go live hoppy!

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