Monica Yamamoto

Fear comes in many forms. It can be anything from fear of heights to being scared of spiders. But for some students at Cal Poly, fear could result from not being able to register.

It is a state requirement that all registered students have proof of immunization against Hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella. If not there will be consequences.

“It will ultimately result in a registration hold,” said Lori Williams, medical record supervisor at the Health Center.

Transfer students and incoming freshman must have proof of those immunizations before their second quarter at Cal Poly, she said.

Because immunization against Hepatitis B is done in a series that takes about six months, students must show proof of the first shot before the start of their second year, Williams said.

Kathleen Ruiz, licensed vocational nurse, said the proof of immunization has to have been done after 1980.

“Most students in California schools had to have the shots by the time they were in high school,” she said.

The reason that these particular diseases have to be immunized against is because they are very communicable, she said. That means that they are airborne and can easily passed with close contact.

A disease like the three-day measles can have long-term effect like birth defects, Ruiz said. It is recommend that anyone living in the dorms also get a meningitis shot because it also easily contracted through close contact.

Williams recommends that students make sure they have an updated tetanus and diphtheria immunization. A test against tuberculosis is also a good idea, she said.

Students used to be notified by mail to turn in proof of immunizations but will now be sent a reminder by e-mail because it is the official means of communication.

“The difficulty for us has been getting notification out,” she said, adding that many postcard reminders were returned due to wrong addresses.

The requirement for immunization is also in the Cal Poly catalog under the newly admitted section, she said.

For questions concerning immunizations contact the Health Center at 756-1211 or check it out online at

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