Ryan Chartrand

Whether you need to pay the bills or just want some extra spending cash, San Luis Obispo offers all jobs imaginable. From working on-campus to downtown, the arrays of opportunities are endless.

For those students who do have access to downtown and other areas of San Luis Obispo for work, there are various other ways to find jobs. The Tribune classified section, Slojobs.com, Craigslist and Mustang Jobs are just a few alternatives to finding a job that suits you best.

For students with limited transportation, working on-campus is a great way to make money while still being able to get to class in a timely manner. ASI continuously has job openings for various positions throughout Cal Poly, ranging from a classroom assistant for the campus’s Children’s Center to event student supervisors for the Recreational Sports Center. Most jobs on campus start paying anywhere from $6.75 per hour and up and usually generate between 10 to 20 hours of work per week.

Social science senior Christy Wenning works for the human resources department at ASI and said they are continually hiring students and have approximately 400 student employees.

“ASI totally works around your schedule and we have a policy that students don’t work more than 20 hours per week,” Wenning said.

Most student employees generally begin around $7.50 per hour and can make up to $10 or $11 per hour as student managers, Wenning said. Positions are available in the Recreational Sports Center, the Children’s Center and the University Union typically yearlong.

By logging on to ASI through my.calpoly.edu, students are able to browse the job listings and apply online for easy accessibility.

The Tribune classified pages are filled with multiple jobs ranging from all areas of expertise. From bank tellers, to lifeguards, to food servers, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your need.

Another alternative is to use Slojobs.com. By logging on and registering for a free account, people have access to hundreds of jobs available around town. With almost 2,000 registered San Luis Obispo employers seeking new applicants, students are bound to find something that works for them.

Although classified ads and Slojobs.com have more of a selection to choose from, most companies aren’t as lenient as ASI is with school schedules and the pay varies dramatically depending upon the company.

For those who prefer to make their own schedule, working odd jobs can be beneficial. Web sites such as Craigslist.com and Cal Poly’s Mustang Jobs on my.calpoly.edu allows people to post work as they need it with the pay depending on the job. From babysitting, to housecleaning, to yard work, and then even internship opportunities, these Web sites make it easy for students to pick and choose the work they want to do.

Depending on the type of person you are and the availability of hours you are able to work, there should be a job that fits everyone in this town. From working at a restaurant or working in retail or being the handy librarian on campus, the work for students is out there and it’s up to you to go find it.

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