This is in response to Scott Nordholm’s letter “Everyone has the right to be wrong.” He explains “these Muslim terrorists need not a reason to attack America.” The article already fails to address other terrorists acts committed by NON-Muslims.

“Terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon.”

Nowhere does it say terrorist equals Muslim, so get it right. Let’s not forget about the KKK and many other terrorists groups that are once again NON-Muslim.

The Okalahoma City bombing was committed by a terrorist because it was for political purposes. Because of this administration there seems to be a stereotype that only Muslims are terrorists. It’s OK to support a president who needs to watch a DVD on Air Force One to know the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. It’s OK to support a president who scared Americans into thinking that Iraq was “an imminent danger to the world.” Well, obviously it worked – we have killed thousands of innocent Iraqis, like Saddam. And Iraqis would rather have “electricity than freedom . . .” The president has a high approval rating of 32 percent. If you think we’re safer by killing other people, then you’re dreaming. Innocent people who die every day because of our actions will lead to retaliation because of the hate generated from our actions. It’s a scary but sad truth, killing is not the answer and ignorance isn’t either.

In regards to women, realize that third world-Pakistan has had MORE female presidents than us. Women today are still discriminated and harassed at work and make only around “75 percent the income of their male peers.” Scott, like my grandma always says, “Beauty fades. Dumb is forever.”

Humza Chowdhry

Architectural engineering senior

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