Friends Nolan Lee (far left) and Carson Pepe (far right), visit Patierno (second right) and brother Jordan (second left) in the hospital.

Business administration freshman Parker Patierno has returned home to Colorado, where he will continue to receive intensive care at Craig Hospital in Denver for his brain injury.

Friends and family welcome Patierno back home at an airport in Colorado. Cutler Patierno | Courtesy Photo

Early in the morning Oct. 27, Patierno fell from the second-story balcony of the Shasta residence hall after attending a Halloween party according to Construction management freshman and Patierno’s roommate Jack Radovan. He was taken to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and underwent a craniectomy, a surgery in which part of the skull is removed to allow room for
brain swelling.

“At the beginning it wasn’t a good thing at all,” architecture junior and Patierno’s older brother Cutler Patierno said. “The doctors didn’t know if he would make it.”

Despite sustaining severe head trauma, according to Patierno, he impressed doctors with his steady progress and “showed signs of life in three days.” Patierno did not incur a spinal injury or broken bones.

Patierno (center) with brothers Jordan (left) and Cutler (right) post-surgery. Cutler Patierno | Courtesy Photo

Radovan said that earlier that night, Patierno returned back to his apartment after attending a pledge event and “was completely sober.”

“We were hanging out, talking and [Patierno] said he was going to a Halloween party with his [fraternity] brothers,” Radovan said. “I even helped him pick out a costume.”

That was the last time Radovan saw Patierno that night.

Over the past weeks, Patierno’s family has felt an outpouring of love and support from the community, for which they are “extremely grateful.”

“Parker is strong and he will prevail and all of his family, friends and supporters are going to surround him while he does it,” Patierno’s parents Tina and PJ wrote in an email.

Patierno will receive a combination of occupational, physical and speech therapy at the rehabilitation center at Craig Hospital; a full recovery is expected, according to Cutler.

Patierno could be back at Cal Poly as early as Spring 2018 if rehabilitation goes well.

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