Matthew Austin, software engineering senior, said he was voting for Jana Colombini.

“I was in ASI, so I worked with Jana last year,” Austin said. “I saw her work ethic and how committed she was to the school … (and) because she was in it last year, I saw how much she knew about ASI … That’s why I think she’d be a good candidate.”


Andrew Talley said he wasn’t too sure about who he was going to vote for in the ASI presidential election. However, when prompted, the biomedical engineering junior said he’d be voting for Diaz.

“He has a cool name,” Talley said.


Allison Tuuri, materials engineering junior, said she chose not to vote for an ASI president this year. However, she said she still voted for the Board of Directors.

“I didn’t really hear anything about the presidential election,” Tuuri said. “But my major’s super close, so we all voted for Josh Ledgerwood and Bradley (Hostetler), who are both in my major.”


James Schulte said he wasn’t sure who he’d want for ASI president, but after talking to people at a Colombini booth, he’s almost convinced on who to vote for.

“That being said, I’m still not 100 percent convinced,” the business and administration sophomore said. “I’ll probably have to do a bit of personal research tonight.”


Devyn Keith, liberal studies sophomore, said she thinks she’ll vote for Colombini.

“I know she supports … gender equity and all that,” Keith said. “I really like that.”


Jonathan Catanio said he hasn’t looked too much into the ASI presidential candidates.

“I’ve seen a lot of Colombini,” the computer science junior said. “Just by mass communication, I’ll probably look into that person and then see her opponent. So, I couldn’t say yet who, but I’ll definitely do more research.”


Mason McCloskey, business administration sophomore, has already voted for Colombini.

“I think her experience and campus involvement … I think having that is tantamount to being a successful ASI president,” McCloskey said. “You need to have those connections on campus to do well.”


Soroush Aboutalebi has known Diaz since they were neighbors in the residence halls. The environment management and protection senior said he thinks Diaz is the best candidate for ASI president, which is why he’s his campaign manager.

“He’s got a ton of experience, and he’s literally the quickest learner I’ve ever met in my life,” Aboutalebi said. “If you want to make this akin to the current election for the US president, Isaias is very much of an outsider. He’s not part of the establishment. He might not know every rule and intricacy, but I think that’s going to play to his strength. He’s going to be the kind of person to ask ‘Why?’ ‘Why not?’”


Recreation, parks and tourism administration senior Connor King said he’s voting for Diaz because he thinks he can fix relations with the community.

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