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The iconic Pismo Pier is closing this weekend, March 14, for up to two-and-half years for construction. The project is estimated to cost $8.8 million.

After a structural inspection of the pier in 2015, experts recommended the city rehabilitate the pier to assure its longevity.

Recreation, parks, and tourism administration senior Laura Greene, grew up by the pier.

“I started spending a lot of time there when I started surfing, and then I started working at the pier,” Greene said. “It’s a really busy, high-tourism area, so it’s fun to work there as an 18-year-old. It’s just really busy all the time, so it’s a fun place.”

Greene also enjoyed visiting the holiday tree on the pier each December.

“It’s definitely one of my hometown memories for sure,” Greene said.

Ed Waage is the mayor of Pismo Beach. He moved to the area in 1993, but has been visiting the Pismo Pier since 1981.

“I love it here,” Waage said. “I transferred down here. It was a great move.”

Waage says about one million people visit the pier each year.

“People love the pier,” Waage said. “It’s an icon for the city of Pismo Beach.”

While Waage recognizes the closure will be an inconvenience, he realizes the repairs are necessary for future generations to enjoy the pier.

“Our pier has had some damage recently from all of the storms and it’s aging too,” Waage said. “It’s important that we get it done.”

The City of Pismo Beach will host a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Tuesday at 3 p.m. on the pier.

“The entire project has been designed to offer the best experience to the public, giving them the opportunity to not only access the ocean and open space, but to also learn about the history of the area and the pier,” Ben Fine, director of public works, said in a press release.

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