The lineup for Pismocean includes Lee Burridge and The Gaslamp Killer. | Hanna Crowly/Mustang News

A new music festival is in town and it’s the first of its kind. Debuting at the Oceano Dunes at Pismo State Beach for the weekend of Nov. 4-6, Pismocean promises to bring a new music experience to the Central Coast.

“It’s going to be just big enough to be a raging party and just small enough to have a sense of intimacy,” co-founder of Pismocean Cameron Lee Young said. “At the end of the day it’s going to be a rootsy beach gathering and let it go from there.”

Young, David Bertolami and Michael Stackhouse are the co-founders of Live Lively Productions, an organization dedicated to implementing environmentally sustainable practices while hosting events and creating multimedia content.

“[Pismocean] offers a unique set of opportunities to enjoy things that are otherwise prohibited on beaches, such as alcohol, bonfires and camping on the sand. You can ride horses and ATVs,” Young said.

The festival will also feature yoga on the beach and self-empowerment workshops.

Headliners of Pismocean include DJs Lee Burridge and The Gaslamp Killer. Though the majority of the artists at Pismocean play electronic dance music and house genres, there will also be live music.

“A third of our lineup will be live music because a lot of people, including myself, fall into the category of going to these electronic festivals and getting sick of the same beats all weekend,” Young said. “So we have curated a great lineup of live music that will happen during the day, which will transition to electronic at night. I truly think we have a lot of diversity.”

The shores of Pismo offer a beautiful backdrop for Pismocean. | Hanna Crowley / Mustang News

Live Lively Productions has a great respect for the beach where Pismocean will be held and is working to make the event as eco-friendly as possible. The festival will have biodegradable cutlery, bio-diesel fueled generators and beach clean-ups.

“We want to lead by example and demonstrate that we want to have a positive impact on that beach,” Young said.

Young, Bertolami and Stackhouse are working to create an open and approachable leadership team for Pismocean, hoping to unite everyone in attendance. Young hopes that Pismocean attendees will leave with a sense of community.

“This is going to be one for the record books for sure,” Young said. “We couldn’t be more excited and blessed to have a platform that people can share with us to bring something to the Central Coast that’s never been done before.”

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