Garrett Rutherford giving his sales pitch in his rendition of "Give Hell A Chance." Sammi Mulhern / Mustang News

Excitement hung in the air as the actors of student-run theater organization Student’s Stage hosted Theatre Revue, a showcase comprised of several monologues and musical numbers, in the H.P. Davidson Center last Friday.

The crowd at Theatre Revue cheered one act after another. There was especially thunderous applause for business administration freshman Erika Cospin, a first-time performer. Cospin sang Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Breathe.”

The mood of every scene was reflected in the audience. The room was quiet and attentive during dramatic monologues, and broke out into laughter when comedic pieces were performed.

Communication studies senior Jacob Corsaro was calm and collected backstage as he prepared to perform his musical number. This wasn’t his first time performing here.

Corsaro sang “Settle for Me” from the Emmy-award winning comedy series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” getting laughs from the audience along the way.

“My favorite part of performing is getting into another character and being someone else,” Corsaro said.

Student’s Stage organizers have been preparing for the showcase since auditions were held early in fall quarter. Show co-director and theatre senior Sabrina Orro, along with two fellow theatre seniors Emily Brehm and Sarah Gamblin, took a directing class last spring that taught them how to coordinate a theater production such as this one.

“I think having the opportunity to work with students on a student-to-student basis is a really unique experience,” theatre senior and Student’s Stage performer Tori Waner said. “We’re able to trust each other but we’re also learning from each other collaboratively.”

The Student’s Stage thespians are a diverse mix of Cal Poly students, united under one common passion. From business administration to civil engineering majors, Student’s Stage performers have formed a small community based on their love for theater.

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