Nov. 6, 08:52 – Officer responds to a report of boxes containing dead mice located near Cerro Vista Apartments.

Nov. 6, 11:55 – A report was taken regarding burned furniture and a damaged wall from a previous fire in the Tenaya Hall TV Lounge.

Nov. 6, 15:08 – The University Police Department was advised of a student who may be unstable. It was determined that it was an issue related to medication.

Nov. 6, 15:46 – An individual reported that a subject has been following her and is now leaving flowers and chocolates on her car.

Nov. 7, 10:54 – The University Police Department received a call of a suspicious person jumping in and out of bushes and acting strange near the University Dining complex. The officers were unable to locate the subject.

Nov. 7, 14:05 – An individual reported his wallet had been lost on Nov. 5 and believes someone is now using his cards.

Nov. 7, 17:09 – University Police received a call from a mother reporting that her son took her vehicle without permission. The son does not attend Cal Poly, but did at one time. The vehicle was located on campus and the owner later recovered the vehicle.

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