Photo courtesy of Cal Poly College Republicans

Canadian political conservative and libertarian activist Lauren Southern will speak at Cal Poly May 25. Cal Poly College Republicans invited her to speak about a to-be-determined topic. The talk will be 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday in Clyde P. Fisher Science (building 33), room 286.

Southern is known primarily for her opinions on feminism, free speech and immigration. She recently spoke at UC Berkeley defending free speech after conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled.

Cal Poly College Republicans President Katherine Rueckert cited multiple reasons to invite Southern to Cal Poly, primarily to provide a female conservative activist perspective on topics of political interest.

Rueckert stressed the importance of bringing different speakers to the Cal Poly campus.

“[Inviting speakers is] not to be divisive, but more just educational,” Rueckert said.

She believes it is important for college students to surround themselves with different opinions.

According to Rueckert, inviting certain speakers to come to campus does not necessarily mean the club shares that speaker’s views or beliefs.

Rueckert doesn’t think this event will be as controversial as Milo Yiannopoulos’ talk, especially since Southern is not as well known. The security for the event will be no different than it would be for any other speaker.

Rueckert said this event is open to all students.

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