Ryan Chartrand

While I appreciate Mr. Kuersten’s efforts to clarify and expand upon his previous commentary, I need to say that there is still one major error in his way of thinking.

If you like to be exposed to opinions that you can’t generate in your own head, then you would have thought Ms. Gellman’s piece was a good piece of journalism in the sense that the article showed she clearly did her research and interviewed people from both sides of the topic.

Just because you don’t like the outcome of overwhelming support that she found, especially from Dr. Freberg’s story in the article, that perhaps there IS liberal bias in the classrooms and in the administration, doesn’t mean that the topic was poor. In contrast, it could actually be viewed as a very unique and intriguing commentary and opened up a series of questions that might be interesting for people to at least be aware of.

On a side note, I agree with Troy’s comments on Brian Eller’s article, and I think the topic is something that all students can get behind.

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