Ryan Chartrand

Last month Poly Reps turned 21 years old. Since its founding in 1985, the group has done its best to promote all that is good about Cal Poly to those interested in coming to the university.

“It started as a group of people talking and realizing that Cal Poly needed to be represented from a student perspective,” said Poly Reps President Lana Smith. “We needed some kids out there, not just staff, to tell the people interested in Cal Poly what was going on.”

In 1985, 25 students were selected as the first members. Poly Reps is now comprised of 30 Cal Poly students whose responsibilities include giving campus tours to prospective students and their parents, making presentations about Cal Poly at high schools and community colleges, and informing current Cal Poly students about alumni participation after graduation.

They also organize Homecoming events, the “Laugh Olympics,” and Parents Day for Cal Poly. Poly Reps also attend biweekly meetings and tri-annual training retreats.

“Poly Reps has grown that way,” Smith added. “We no longer just give tours – we have five separate sections that are all responsible for their own specific things.”

Besides the Campus Tours Committee, Poly Reps is also made up of the Alumni Events Committee, the Communications Committee, the School Visits and Presentations Committee, and the Special Events Committee.

Members of Poly Reps must have a desire to represent Cal Poly and are able serve about 10 to 15 hours per month. The organization is able to work around the class schedules of Poly Reps so it does not hamper class attendance. The minimum GPA to be considered as a Rep is 2.5.

For more information on Poly Reps visit www.polyreps.calpoly.edu.

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