After selling out nationwide, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is back in San Luis Obispo. 

Popeyes started selling chicken sandwiches on August 12, but they sold out two weeks after hitting the menu. The company went into a three month chicken sandwich hiatus to prepare for the demand. 

According to Popeyes cashier David Hurley the first week of launching the chicken sandwich was business as usual. However, as it grew in popularity on social media, that changed.

“That’s when we had the line to the door, we had no idea what to expect in terms of what we were going to sell. We sold out of what we had prepared, which was like a couple hundred sandwiches each day,” Hurley said.

The shortage caused a stir on social media between Popeyes and Chick- fil- A, which some customers argue now has the inferior sandwich. 

“I’ve had the Chick- Fil- A sandwich on campus, this [Popeye’s] one [is] twice as good. Much meatier. The bread, way better,” computer engineering junior Clay Rosenthal said. “The only downside is Popeyes charges for sauces, Chick- fil-A does not. But like steal the sauces from Chick- fil- A and bring them here and then you’re set.”

The Popeyes chicken sandwich costs $3.99 and comes in two flavors: classic and spicy.

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