Matt Wechter

Upon rolling out of bed one morning I went about my usual routine of showering and brushing my teeth. But, as I went to get dressed, there was nothing in my closet. Everything, from my shoes to my hats, was gone. All I had were hangers and a few cobwebs.

Initially, I believed my roommates were plotting against me, but soon I found out that they too had empty closets. The scene seemed like a warped version of the Twilight Zone.

And so began the quest to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

Alex Hayek agricultural business sophomore suggested to start at Copeland Sports, Moondoggies and Central Coast Surfboards (CCS).

“I like to go to Moondoggies to get beach bum wear like sandals, shorts and shirts,” Hayek said.

After observing students on campus, it becomes obvious that the common footwear trend for Cal Poly Mustangs are sandals. According to Hayek, people mainly wear Reefs, Rainbows or Quicksilver on their feet.

Though Hayak said he prefers Reefs, Rainbows have become such a popular item among Cal Poly students that they can now be purchased at the El Coral Bookstore.

As for other types of footwear, civil engineering junior Blake Silkwood said he chooses to shop at Copeland’s for athletic shoes and socks.

But Moondoggies was named top choice in surf shops by Cal Poly students in the Mustang Daily’s 2005 Best for Cal Poly edition, followed by CCS. Both stores offer a wide range of skate shoes from companies like DVS to Etnies.

Moving upwards, its common to see many have variations of cargo pants hanging on most of the racks. Matt Hensch, a graphic communications senior, said he chooses to shop locally at Mervyn’s because of the cost.

While Mervyn’s is home to clothing brands like Sideout, as well as Quicksilver, Volcom, Billabong and Hurley.

When weather cools down, Cal Poly students can be seen wearing jeans, but warm weather does not always deter people from wearing the popular denim blue pants.

During one summer day, while sitting outside of Campus Market, 18 of 22 who passed by in a five minute period were all wearing jeans.

Upscale jeans are available at Gottschalks or large corporate stores in town like Express for Men and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Even with pants and shoes, however, restaurants and other places of business might be inclined to withhold services because there is still the T-shirt requirement.

During the day, students wear a variety of shirts from brand names like Krew to band shirts bought at concerts. Also worn among Cal Poly men are collared shirts, both long and short-sleeved of varying styles. Recently, however, stripes are a popular among shirts.

Some other brands worn on campus are Structure and GAP. These companies specialize in both regular T-shirts and a variety of collared shirts providing a vast array of looks for many Cal Poly guys.

If you’re in the market to buy dress shirts, which are usually seen as a clothing choice for a night downtown or at a party with friends, Gottschalks has an entire department dedicated to such attire.

As a way to keep warm during SLO winters, sweatshirts and snowboard jackets are usually used as a way to shield the cold weather during the walk from class. The same companies that put out shirts also have a market in winter clothing too, but there are also specific winter clothing brand names like Forum and Burton.

There are also guys who support Cal Poly, including everything from campus clubs and organizations, by donning logo sweatshirts, jackets and shirts. Cal Poly clothing and accessories are available at either El Coral Bookstore or the Cal Poly Store located in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Finally, after all clothing and accessories are bought, it might seem convenient to head out and get a haircut.

According to the 2005 Best for Cal Poly, the Mustang Daily found most students preferred to head to Supercuts located in the Madonna Plaza, but other top selections included Designer Cuts and University Barbershop.

The other option always exists to buy hair clippers and take on the haircutting situation personally, which is what I do. Just be warned, it may take a few tries before you get the hang of it, so make sure not to use your clippers before a date until completely comfortable with your clipping skils.

With everything covered, including a new haircut, the only thing left to do is put on your threads and take it for a test run, whether it’s across campus or out on the town.

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