For the second time in six years, the prices of certain items at Campus Dining venues increased, according to communications specialist Aaron Lambert. The changes were officially implemented in August. 

The price hike is due to market changes, according to Lambert. When prices are not sustainable, increases are needed. 

Prices of some items, including the cheeseburger from Campus Market and the chili cheese fries from Central Coaster, increased by up to five percent, according to Lambert. In contrast, four of the six combo meals from Bishop Craft actually went down in price. 

The only items that had price increases of more than five percent were the products that changed, such as the bean, rice and cheese burrito at Tu Taco, which is twice its old size, according to Lambert. 

Some students said higher prices would limit their spending at Campus Dining venues. Philosophy junior Jake Riggs said the bean, rice and cheese burrito used to be an affordable option to get on-campus. 

“If I’m gonna be spending almost twice as much, I’m just gonna go home and eat,” Riggs said.  

Riggs said he was told that the price of the burrito was increased due to an extra scoop of rice and beans. However, he said that he feels it does not justify the price increase. 

“If that was really their motive, then I think that they would’ve asked for the students’ input before they changed it,” Riggs said.

Landscape architecture freshman Aliyah Madriaga said if the prices were to increase again, she would likely not buy as much campus food. 

Lambert wrote that he does not expect prices to continue increasing in the near future. 

“Campus Dining knows that any price change is felt by and impacts everyone, and they plan so these increases do not happen often and are not large,” Lambert wrote in an email to Mustang News.

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