As part of their ever-changing, flexible program, the Pride Center introduced the Queer Dialogue series on Jan. 14. The series, which serves as a safe environment for students to discuss difficult topics, arose from student request.

The Cross Cultural Centers has hosted several variations of dialogue series in the past, some of which were more successful than others. This past quarter, the Pride Center held a series on Queer People of Color (QPOC), which didn’t have the attendance they hoped for, said Bryan Pride, a graduate assistant who works at the Pride Center.

This dialogue series is broader than QPOC and deals with questions that queer students face, but don’t often get answers to. The first session earlier this week focused on creating a safe space for community, while others will discuss topics like being “gay enough,” dealing with relationships — and possibly abuse — and professionalism in the workplace.

Although San Luis Obispo has a decent amount of support for the LGBT community, Pride said, there are still some topics he wished were discussed more. The Queer Dialogues aims to open the doors for honest discussion and help students find answers and create new connections.

The Queer Dialogues, like many of the other programs hosted by the Cross Cultural Centers, was created with students in mind, Pride said. The Pride Center heard many requests asking for more dialogue series, and they delivered.

The next Queer Dialogue session is on Jan. 28. More information can be found on the Cross Cultural Centers calendar.

Kayla Missman

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