W. Terrence Spiller, a Cal Poly music professor and pianist, will be performing a virtual piano recital live on Friday, Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. 

This virtual recital is being done in place of Spiller’s usual January recital, which typically features a showcase of Spiller’s repertoire. 

“Really, this is the only option nowadays if you want to do any performing,” Spiller said. “Plus the staff at the PAC do an outstanding job in producing online concerts — in both sound and image. It’s a real joy to work with them, so deciding to do a virtual recital is sort of a no-brainer for me.” 

The recital will be divided into two parts: the first half featuring Mozart’s Sonata in F Major, K. 332, Maria Agata Szymanowska’s Nocturne in B-flat Major and Maurice Ravel’s “Sonatine.” The second half will feature Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Moments Musicaux,” Op. 16, a compilation of six musical movements representing a range of romantic moods and styles.

“For me, the Rachmaninoff set, which forms the second half of the recital, are my new pieces,” Spiller said. “In fact, working on the Rachmaninoff was the primary focus of my recent sabbatical, which included taking lessons with my great mentor at USC, Professor Daniel Pollack.” 

Spiller said he chose to divide the recital into two parts to perform a journey of moods with the different pieces that will be performed.

“Recital programming is both an art and a craft,” Spiller said. “Often – as in this recital – the goal is to offer a variety of pieces from different styles, which focus on contrasting moods and expressive goals.”

Spiller is used to performing two recitals per year to show the new techniques and styles that he has developed throughout the year. Spiller is planning to perform a Beethoven focused recital in May, which he expressed wariness for doing online.

“Scheduling a virtual recital presents a set of logistical challenges different from a live performance, as does dealing with the unpredictable nature of the pandemic,” Spiller said. “I’ll have to see how the next few months play out before I can plan my next Beethoven recital.”

Tickets to the virtual event are priced at $5, and are available online through the Performing Arts Center. Tickets can also be purchased by phone by calling 805-SLO-4TIX (805-756-4849) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The recital will be available to stream through Feb. 7.

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