Courtesy of Barbara Levin

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) will host local band Próxima Parada in the University Union (UU) May 4 at 11 a.m.

Próxima Parada played its very first performance at Linnaea’s Cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo. The band has since grown and traveled for shows from San Francisco to Seattle, sharing their folk and soul music. 

Lead singer and Cal Poly alumnus Nick Larson started his music career later than most. While his interest for music sparked during his senior year of high school, it wasn’t until he met his fellow band member Kevin Middlekauff that music became a huge part of his life.

“I happened to be placed in the same dorms as Kevin who single handedly gave me the confidence to sing in front of people,” Larson said.

Próxima Parada formed toward the end of Larson and Middlekauff’s senior year of college, but their music career has since grown tremendously. Larson said music has become a focal point of his life. 

“What I love so much about music that is when I have a feeling, I write a song. Then I share it. Someone hears it and realize those lyrics make sense for something they are experiencing. You get this sharing of reality and I find that is the most fulfilling thing I can do right now,” Larson said. “I give people permission to be vulnerable and pursue their passion.”

Próxima Parada played in Fremont Theatre just a few weeks ago with hundreds of attendees. Their songs and upcoming events are all listed on their website. Larson said although they are not famous on a national scale, Próxima Parada is a tiny band in a tiny city who is still able to connect with people from very different backgrounds.

“I feel a duty to keep moving with that,” Larson said. “The more sense I make of my life, the more I’m able to connect with other people.”

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