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Local reggae band Resination is releasing their new album with a celebratory show at The Graduate on Saturday.

Resination, who was had made several appearances at University Union Hour this year, is known to draw a crowd wherever they play, catching the audience and moving them to their upbeat rhythms and positive lyrics.

The band’s new album, “Conscious Development,” showcases, among other things, the changes in the band’s line up since their last record. They have gone from a five to a nine-piece band, incorporating horns, keyboards and a female vocalist who adds to the harmony on the vocals and sings the lead on some tracks. Lead singer Vance Fahie said that they wanted to add these crucial elements fill out the sound of the music. While they are branching out into some new areas, they still maintain the sound that they have become known for, mixing modern reggae, funk, soul, jazz, and blues.

Resination formed in 1999 and has steadily built a huge local base of fans that have remained loyal and supportive as has grown and succeeded throughout the years. While some up and coming bands will release an album at whatever show falls after the completion date, even if it is while they are out of town on tour. However, Resination thought it was important to have their release party at a local venue so they could celebrate with and give the first listen to fans that have been coming to see them since they started.

“It’s a different sound,” said Fahie of the new album. “I hope they respond positively.”

Another change in the line-up since their last album is drummer Tim Cordero. Fahie said that Cordero adds to the sound they are going for because he is better versed in reggae music, having previously played with another reggae band.

“It blows me away to see how many people show up,” said Cordero. “The fans are amazing; we really appreciate it.”

He has now been playing with the band for a year and a half. He said that recording an album with them is just one step on the journey with them has taken him far beyond anything he would have dreamed.

“It’s just huge. I never thought I’d be playing beyond my garage. It’s like living a dream,” he said.

This is the second studio release from the band. Their first album, “Mash Down Babylon,” which came out in 2003 explored various themes in reggae music. They released a live recording, “Live at SLO Brew,” in 2001.

The doors for the show open at 7p.m. Morning Rise Soundsystem, will be opening. Tickets are available in advance at all Vallitix outlets.

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