Paul Bittick

Lying close to you

Feeling your fingers graze my bare skin

Pulling you close

Never wanting to let go

Never wanting You to let go

Closing my eyes

Hoping when they open you’ll still be here

As your lips press against mine

I close my eyes tighter

Fearing it might all be a dream

Never wanting to wake up

Hearing your giggles faintly drifting

I open my eyes

Only to find the imprint

Of where you once slept




“Too Afraid”

I write

Secretly wanting you to read

But too afraid to ever let you see.


I think

Hoping you’re thinking of me

But too afraid to ever let you know.


I dream

Hoping you’re dreaming of me

But too afraid to tell you so.


I love

Secretly wanting you to love me

But too afraid it will never be.

“Blind and Numb”

Everyone can see it

Only I can feel it


The way you look at me

The way you talk to me

The way you touch me

Can’t you see it?

“Don’t you feel it?”


The way you linger in my car

So hesitant to get out and leave

The way you smile at me

So shy, yet so happy and sincere

Can’t you see it?

I think you feel it.


Are you afraid of something?

Are you afraid

That I might love you

Like no one else has?

Are you afraid

Of falling in love

With a woman?

With a friend?

Does it scare you

That this seems too good to be true?


If you feel it

Please say it

Your silence scares me


Could it be we’re all blind?

Impaired by the goggles of

Wishful thinking?


Maybe only you can see it

But I still feel it.

“Golden Lady”

My Lady

My opposite

Comming from two extremes

And finding each other in the middle

So opposite we become the same

Mirrior images of each other

Where I curve out

You curve in

Fitting together

Like two pieces of a puzzle

Balancing each other

In a harmonious friendship

Can you blame me

For looking at you with love?


-Tiana Perez, Architecture junior

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