Megan Priley

Students may find themselves looking for another way onto campus for the summer quarter as the Cal Poly sewer project gets underway.

Project manager Barbara Queen said the purpose of the sewer line replacement project is to upgrade the size of the existing sewer line and increase the capacity to the campus sewer system due to the new Poly Canyon Village.

The Poly Canyon Village Project is funding the replacement that involves removing the existing sewer line and replacing it with a new sewer pipe that is of a larger diameter.

“The contractor is staging the work starting from the lowest point of the sewer line to the highest point,” Queen said. “He is scheduled to perform the work in sections, completing one section before continuing to the next.”

The impacted roads include California Boulevard, North Perimeter Road, University Drive, Highland Drive, and Feedmill Road. California Boulevard will continue to be closed until July 3 and access to the library loading dock on Dexter Road will be closed from July 6 through July 19.

For some students, this may mean having to take an inconvenient detour around campus in order to get to class on time.

“I use California every day to get to school. I was surprised when I had to redirect my route from my house the first day of summer quarter,” theater senior Ashley Beach said.

However, the right steps are being taken to help reduce any complications.

“Facilities Planning and Capital Projects is working directly with staff, faculty, and students who may be affected by this work,” Queen said.

The reopening of all roads and the expected completion date for the project is Aug. 28. Until then the C7 Parking Lot will be open with access from Highland. Access through the driveway over the railroad crossing to the LDS Church and private housing will remain open from the south side of California as well.

Additional updates for closures related to the road work as they move from one section to another will be available as needed.

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