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– Brandon Souza and Matt Taylor to face off in second round Wednesday.
– Souza took 40 percent of the vote, Taylor 30.3 percent and Sabetian 29.67 percent.
– To become president requires 50 percent plus one of the vote.

Brandon Souza and Matt Taylor will be facing off next Wednesday in a battle for the 2007-08 Associated Students Inc. presidency.

To become president, a candidate must win 50 percent plus one of the vote and Souza was closest with 40 percent. All results are unofficial until approved by the ASI Board of Directors at the next meeting on Wednesday.

“My team is very excited and we’ll see what the future holds next week,” Souza said.

Taylor trailed with 30.3 percent and Arvand Sabetian followed with 29.67 percent. The difference between Taylor and Sabetian was just 30 votes.

“I’m relieved, I’m tired but I’m energized and ready to go again next week,” Taylor said.

Polls will be open May 16 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at three polling locations across campus.

The last time a run-off occurred was three years ago between Blake Bolton and Rory Scerri-Marion.

“It’s pretty common when there are three candidates to have a run-off,” said Mia White, director of the elections committee for ASI.

This year, 4,525 students voted – a 25.5 percent voter turnout, which was 4.5 percent lower than ASI’s goal but 3 percent higher than last year.

“We’re really excited that it went so well,” White said.

Despite Sabetian’s loss, he’s still thinking about working with ASI next year in one of the many available positions.

“It was only 30 votes. It’s not like anyone was blown out of the water,” Sabetian said.

In the meantime, campaigning will continue for Souza and Taylor.

“I’ll be at the booth talking to people,” Taylor said. “That’s really what got us here.”

Souza and his team will be giving sober rides today, Saturday and Tuesday.

“It’s part of my commitment to student safety,” Souza said.

Check back in with the Mustang Daily for more information about the run-off election next week.

2007-08 Board of Directors

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Adam Buttgenbach
Amanda Rankin
Peter Bjorklund
Mark Diener
Melissa Lema

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Greg Wiley
Sean Christy
Elizabeth Lee

Orfalea College of Business
Jessica Gibbons
Sarah Vernizzi
Martha Caldwell
Ivan Lee

College of Engineering
Lindsey Bauer
Nicole Stromsness
Tony Guntermann
Russell Fenton
Adrian Herrera

College of Liberal Arts
Angela Kramer
Jillian Smillie
Amie Lamontagne
Aaron Warshawsky
Aria Niazi

College of Science and Mathematics
Laura Baldwin
Adam Marre
Sunil Patel

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