With San Luis Obispo’s shelter-in-place order still in effect, therapists and their clients are having to make changes during the new reality of social distancing. Sara Robinow is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and she made the decision to meet with clients on Zoom to ease everyone’s nerves.

“I provide better therapy when I’m not concerned about Lysoling my office between every client,” Robinow said. “I partly was thinking, ‘gosh, I’m not going to be doing good therapy if I’m worrying about every person.’”

Video by Kallyn Hobmann

Monique Sigler runs a private practice, and she too made the decision to meet with clients virtually. She said most, especially the younger clients, are fine with this change, but some are struggling. 

“Some, they just didn’t like this sort of virtual therapy,” Sigler said. “The younger ones are pretty fine with it…The older ones, it’s taken, you know, a lot of just validating and acknowledging that this is different.”

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