Cal Poly freshman makes a deal

What are the odds of three women from the same family winning a game show on three separate occasions?

Apparently pretty high.

Mustang Minute: Homecoming outcomes and plans for future years

Lisa Diaz [follow id= “vaya_con_diaz”] Mustang News reporter Lisa Diaz caught up with Athletic Director…

Mustang Minute: Monarch butterflies return to Central Coast

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] The Monarch butterflies have returned to the Central Coast and…

Grosz leads on and off the field

Trent Merfeld [follow id= “MerfyMerf”] Sullivan Grosz is a leader. He leads the team with…

Monetary transparency program may come to ASI

Important budget information can be hidden behind confusing spreadsheets and dull numbers, but if Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini has his way, Cal Poly will be on the cutting edge of government transparency.

Making it KeyZ

Mechanical engineering sophomore Elan Timmons has been an inventor since he was seven years old. His first invention involved a pedal that was connected to the locking mechanism on his door so he could open it without using his hands.

Meet the 2013 Homecoming royalty nominees

College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences Prince: Christian Alexandre Major: Ag Business Princess: Taylor…

Spicing it up

Sexy, difficult, skimpy outfits, passionate dancers — these are some images that might pop into the average person’s head when thinking about salsa dancing.

Samoodi: Faith and football

“Trust your Struggle.” The words are inked onto the forearm of Cal Poly defensive back Bijon Samoodi.

Mustang Minute: Safer hosts Healthy Sex on Dex

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”]

Tougher than getting the degree: getting California tuition

Four winters ago, Travis Spanu was shoveling away snow from the night before just to pull out of his driveway. Last winter, he was wearing shorts and T-shirt drinking his iced coffee on the way to his engineering class.