Greek life policies miss the mark on underage drinking

“Cal Poly shouldn’t be focusing on these policies for all members of greek life. It should instead deal with the problem that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves: underage drinking at fraternity events.”

Admin oversteps with proposed policy

The editorial board of Mustang News has taken a hard stance against some of greek life’s actions in the past. But when it comes to the ongoing discussions about a new party registration policy, administrators are forcing greeks to swallow policies that go beyond what’s reasonable.

Greek leaders muddle ‘apology’

It’s not often you’ll apologize for something without admitting you’ve done it. But that’s the strategy Cal Poly greeks are now using.

‘Nava-ho’ party was ignorant, investigation is no better

From the actions of greek life to those of campus administrators, the “Nava-hos” incident this past week showed some of the worst of our university to the world.

Colombini makes the grade

In a Facebook status earlier this week, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini gave a peek into his life as a regular college student.

Housing must make drug dog policy clear

While it’s not a clear-cut issue on whether these dogs should be allowed, students should at least be aware they’re coming.

Editorial: On government shutdown, save bickering for later

For all the national talk of what the federal government shutdown is doing in Washington, D.C., it can be easy to overlook the effect it’s having at Cal Poly. But it’s already taking a toll.

Defer greek rush until winter quarter

Ending deferred recruitment for fraternities at Cal Poly this fall was a win for gender equality — but that doesn’t mean it was the right decision.

CSU should not force semesters on Cal Poly

It took one year of research, 23 task force members, a 685-page report and a vote from 7,250 students to realize Cal Poly would do well to stay on quarters. Call it overkill, but no one will say it wasn’t…

Semester debate highlights Cal Poly’s need for transparency

After hearing about the possibility of Cal Poly switching to semesters, we expected a 12-round fight filled with cuts, bruises and scars showing the dirty details of the debate to everyone on campus. All we were allowed to see was…

Voting yes on Prop 30: What other choice do we have?

Mustang Daily Staff There is a gun pointed directly at the California State University (CSU) system and it has a name: Proposition 30. Its bullet could cripple the CSU to the tune of a $250 million budget cut if…