Ian Billings/Mustang News

News organizations are all about storytelling.

At Mustang News, we make an effort to tell every side of every story — but there are some topics reporters can’t cover. The voices of journalists are meant to tell a well-rounded story, not one based on their personal experiences.

That’s why we want your voice.

We are seeking submissions for a new recurring feature called “Voices of Cal Poly.” These columns are all about what it’s like to be you — your experiences on campus, your opinion on current Cal Poly events, your suggestions for climate improvements.

Voices of Cal Poly is a platform for you to express your experiences, whether you’re a student, faculty or staff member.

Tell us your story.

If you want to share your narrative with the Mustang News audience, submit your piece to editor@mustangnews.net for consideration. Submissions should have the subject line “Voices of Cal Poly” and be no longer than 600 words. For any questions, contact opinion editor Liana Riley at liriley@calpoly.edu or editor-in-chief Kayla Missman at editor@mustangnews.net.

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