Update: Heat has been restored in Sequoia Hall as of Friday, Nov. 30, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier.

Original Story:

Sequoia Hall’s heaters stopped working over Thanksgiving break.

The heat in the building is pumped from hot water that runs through the wall heaters, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier. However, this is only affecting the heaters, not the hot water taps.

Despite the cooler weather, staying warm has not been a problem for many students.

“I haven’t noticed it being hot or cold. It’s been fine for me,” city and regional planning freshman Giselle Beld said.

Students received an email last week, but if the email had not come, students may not have noticed.

“We always keep the window open in my room and, we haven’t noticed,” architecture freshman Kylie Rind said.

A part failed on the heating system’s hot water heater. This part has been ordered and heat is expected to be restored Friday, according Lazier.

Until then, the front desk at University Housing is providing additional blankets to students who need them.

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