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Seven county residents died from COVID-19, according to a Tuesday report by the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department. 

The members of the community who died were between the ages of 50 and 80.

These cases bring the total COVID-19 death toll in San Luis Obispo County to 331 total since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Department of Public Health.

There are currently 21 residents hospitalized with COVID-19, with three in the ICU as of Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Since last Friday, there have been 141 new cases of COVID-19 in the county, bringing the number of new cases over the last week to 398 and the weekly average to 60 new cases.

According to Cal Poly’s COVID-19 information dashboard, six Cal Poly students tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week, four of whom live off-campus and two who reside on-campus.

In a recent press release, County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein commented on the current state of cases in San Luis Obispo County.

“While our case counts seem to be moving slowly in the right direction, we are unfortunately seeing the terrible power of the Delta variant to spread quickly and cause severe illness and death, particularly among our many residents who are not yet fully vaccinated,” Borenstein said. 

Since June 15, San Luis Obispo County residents who are not fully vaccinated have accounted for 76.9% of positive cases, 83.9% of hospitalizations and 78.3% of the deaths. 

“I commend everyone who is doing your part to help limit the spread of this virus, and encourage everyone in our community to protect yourself and your family with the vaccine,” Borenstein said.

As of Oct. 4, 93.8% of Cal Poly’s student body have been vaccinated.

To find more data regarding the current state of COVID-19 in San Luis Obispo County, please visit the county’s positive case details page, which is updated on a bi-weekly basis.

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