I am writing in response to Louise Dolby’s article of “Abercrombie.”

Ideals are nice. I like ideals. I use them when I find it convenient and occasionally, a person may have suspicions that I have morals to go along with them. However, I recognize that ideals are often luxury, illusive when one needs them the most.

Attractive people get the job over others equally as qualified, attractive people get paid more, attractive people get promoted more rapidly. Sex is a power to be brandished. Is it right or is it fair? No, it’s not. But it’s life. You either play the game or the game plays you. You either present yourself in the manner in which you will be given the most opportunities or the best chance of success – or you don’t.

When you’re hungry, you might reflect, “Why would I work three jobs when I can take this forced diet and turn it into profit, dancing my way to a decent steak?”

These are thoughts in your head when you can no longer afford the expense of lofty principles, when you’re just surviving in that big, bad world outside of the cozy nest of college.

In the meantime, a person should at least find humor in the situation by buying a small Abercrombie and Fitch shirt that dares to put into light our own obscurity.

Lacey Simon

Animal science sophomore

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