Julianne Byer

I think we have a serious problem on our hands, among many others of course. There never really seems to be just one-

In the midst of Iraqi civilians fleeing their homes to escape an ongoing battle in Baghdad or young adults reeking havoc in France, and even as an eight-year-old girl now rests as a remembrance of Halloween 2005, Cal Poly students have found an issue worthy of much more importance, time and energy to set their opinions to.

You know what I’m talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, the issue that we have at hand has recently presided over world news and local tragedies, as the argument of whether or not a liberal studies major is here to get a husband versus a degree. Because, heaven forbid, they try and do both at the same time.

Now I am a vocal advocate of shouting your opinion from the rooftop if you so feel the need, but let’s face it people: we only have so much time to shout before they restrict us to use our “inside voices.” Yes, spend every day in celebration of free speech and expression, but remember how lucky you are to have the chance to be heard in the first place. People kill every day to be heard, wouldn’t we hate to look back and regret that we could have been fighting for starvation overseas, versus whether or not our future teachers are worthy of their spots at Cal Poly? 

It has become so routine: someone opens a can of worms and everyone and their cousin then feels the need to write in and show them who is boss. However, I don’t think that trampling everyone in opposition along the way is really part of the plan. Go ahead and grab your soapbox, but remember that they have just as much freedom to shout as you do and just as much freedom to tune you out also.

Personally, I couldn’t quite tell if Miss Potter was serious or satirical, but I figured that if she was serious, my yelling and shouting my point of view at her wouldn’t really get me very far. If it had turned out that she really only wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, she now knows she certainly won’t have a very strong Poly support team behind her. So I just have to ask: What’s on tap for this week my fellow peers? I’m just itching to see who will win the shouting contest.

Just remember that there are a countless number of issues out there to argue about, so give it everything you’ve got; somebody will be listeningand heaven knows that we readers will be faithfully tuning in. 

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