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Cal Poly disaffiliated the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon today after investigations revealed several alcohol-related violations, according to Cal Poly Student Life and Leadership director Stephen Lamb.

Allegations of sexual assault following a party at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house on May 7 led university officials to address “risk-management issues,” Lamb said.

Violations included providing alcohol to minors, serving alcohol at an open party with unrestricted access by non-members and purchasing alcohol in bulk quantities, according to a Cal Poly press release.

While the sexual assault allegations did lead to initial investigations, those allegations did not influence the decision to revoke recognition of the chapter by the university, Lamb said.

“During the course of our investigation, we found that (Sigma Phi Epsilon) had played a significant positive role in its members’ university experiences, and that the chapter as a whole had a history of high academic achievement and participation in philanthropic activities,” Lamb said. “Nevertheless, alcohol-related violations, such as those we discovered, cannot be taken lightly. We were simply left with no choice but to sever our ties with the organization, based on what we’d found.”

The chapter appealed the decision to Cornel Morton, the university’s vice president for Student Affairs, but according to Lamb, he upheld the university’s decision to disaffiliate the fraternity.

Lamb said although the national headquarters for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity would have liked to have seen a different outcome, they did work in conjunction with the university and understands what the university needed to do.

“(Sigma Phi Epsilon’s) national headquarters will be revoking (this chapter’s) charter,” Lamb said.

According to the press release, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s headquarters may not reestablish a chapter on campus until June 30, 2017.

Nicole Marcell contributed to this article.

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  1. Does this mean that the university will begin “disaffiliating” with any student who is discovered to have participated in one of these “alcohol related violations.” It won’t be hard to find, just walk down Hathway any Friday or Saturday or night and you’ll find loads of students to “disaffiliate” with. Maybe this is the university’s answer to overcrowding? I can’t imagine that the University would intentionally target some students just because they are members of Greek organizations. That hasn’t happened at all over the last few years.

    Also, why is Cal Poly rapes “tagged” in this article? There was indeed an alleged sexual assault, but last I checked the D.A. still hadn’t issued an actual charged. Has this newspaper decided to circumvent the justice system and convict this young man. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    1. Fraternity affiliation with CP is a mutual agreement between two parties. The fraternity broke their end of the deal, and so CP had every right to terminate the affiliation. Your analogy to student disaffiliation is completely unrelated to the fraternity’s standing, or lack thereof, with the university. As for the “Cal Poly Rapes” tagging, I’m sure the MD takes defamation very seriously and is not operating under the assumption that the accused individual in the Sig Ep allegations is guilty. They are, however, entitled to group certain stories together based off a 2 week period last quarter when several sexual assaults were reported on campus. That is completely fair.

  2. haha whatever lee, don’t be mad that the rapist’s got their due! Poly will be better without these obnoxious dousce bags ruining out reputation

  3. Short Dog you need to learn how to spell you DOUCHE BAG! It’s Douche! Not dousce, this is Cal Poly…you can’t spell?? How did you get into the Recreation Administration program anyways?

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