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If we find you driving drunk, the Mustang Daily will come after you, punk!

After SLOPD arrested two Cal Poly students for DUIs in the past two weeks, we thought it would be beneficial to enlighten you party animals about the facts, consequences and alternatives to drunk driving.

A DUI is a misdemeanor defined by a blood alcohol level exceeding .08 percent if you are over 21 years old. If you’re under 21 and have any alcohol in your system, well then you’re just screwed. If anyone is injured it’s a felony and if there are any deaths related to the DUI then you’re stuck with vehicle manslaughter.

In 2004, there were 18 deaths, 325 injuries and 2,324 arrests related to driving under the influence in San Luis Obispo County and 4,120 deaths resulting from drunk driving in California. Not a pretty picture.

Never fear though, there are many ways to avoid getting arrested and seriously injuring or killing someone because you were driving drunk.

You can elect a designated driver. Staying sober for the night is well worth it when you can take pictures of your drunk friends trying to buckle their seatbelts, and of course getting them home safe and sound.

You can take the Campus Shuttle provided by Associated Students Inc. The 12-passenger van runs Thursday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. in San Luis Obispo. It picks up at six different locations: Longs Drugs at Marsh and Broad streets, Campus Bottle at Hathaway and California streets, intersection of Chorro Street and Foothill Boulevard, the intersection of Cuesta Drive and Foothill Boulevard, the intersection of Patricia Drive and Foothill Boulevard and the intersection of Ramona Drive and Palomar Avenue.

For a more direct route, call a cab. Beach Cities Cab Co. at 543-1234 and Central Coast Cab at 545-1222 are both easy numbers to remember when slightly inebriated and they operate 24 hours a day in San Luis Obispo.

Or just forget going home and bring a sleeping bag. You never get too old for a slumber party in the living room of your friend’s house, especially if you can convince that girl over there to join you on the floor.

Just remember to think of others and of yourself after a night out on the town before getting into your car.

To help you remember not to drive drunk, we want to provide you with four simple slogans. Pick your favorite and memorize:

 When riding your John Deere, don’t drink your beer.

 When leaving the bar, don’t get in the car.

 Don’t drive home when you’ve been drinking alone.

 When your level is higher than .08, no doubt about it – jail is your fate!

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