The newest chapter of Women in Film and Television (WIFT) has opened in San Luis Obispo. The chapter joined a network of WIFT organizations across the United States and California including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco Bay Area. Each WIFT chapter is a non-profit designed to create job opportunities for film and television enthusiasts, as well as create a network between them. 

The Co-Founders of SLO WIFT are Sarah Risley, a board member of Central Coast Film Society, and Randi Barros, a film professor at Cal Poly. After working with Cal Poly’s WIFT, they wanted to create an organization that would help students before and after they graduate from college. 

WIFT is designed to help those who have interests front in front of and behind the camera to producing and financing. SLO WIFT is currently looking for board members and is in the process of establishing that chapter as a non profit.

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