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Sherwood is going for “A Different Light” with its new album. Released on MySpace Records, the Beach Boys-inspired musical experience was written on the beach by the San Luis Obispo natives, who had waves and sunshine on their brains.

Naming The Beach Boys as their main influence for this album, Sherwood floats through the 13 tracks with songs that are easy to sing along with and perfect to relax with.

The first track, “Song in My Head,” starts off with an electronic beat but soon kicks in with the guitar, exposing a more of Sherwood’s style.

“The Best in Me” follows but doesn’t offer much in terms of originality. Lyrics like “whoa-oh-oh-oh” and “beat-beat-beat of my beating heart” are a little clich‚, and a digital clapping sound gets a little tiresome. But it’s only the second track, so moving along . . .

The next two songs will definitely get you moving with catchy guitar licks and a likeable snare beat. “Middle of the Night” features the sound of Panic! At the Disco, and lead singer Nate Henry captivates with his clear-cut vocals.

Sherwood slows it down mid-album with “Home,” which can be deemed the song that everyone will play when they go home after a night of partying . . . only without a hookup partner. Harmonies are scattered throughout the song and make me want to get out a lighter and sing along.

I had to check my iTunes to be sure the track “Alley Cat” was Sherwood because it had a Postal Service sound to it. The style of the background music and vocal changes puts the listener in a sort of daze with smooth strings and a comforting buzz. Later in the album, “The Simple Life” also sounds similar to The Postal Service, but doesn’t offer much more in creativity.

“Give Up!” will put you on your feet and with its clear and simple lyrics; it is the perfect sing-along song. The next song on the album that really attracts attention is “Alive,” the perfect example of the beach bum, laidback style of the Beach Boys. With higher-pitched harmonies and simple guitar strums, this song will take any listener to the beaches of Mexico where Sherwood finished writing their songs.

The last song on the album “I’m Asking Her to Stay” gives listeners a simple tune, but deeper lyrics:

“And she called me up to let me go today / For a moment thought it easier than being away / But through the tangled thread the needle finds a way / And I’m asking her to stay . . .”

All 13 songs are on their MySpace page, but are not available for download. However, you can download “The Only Song” for a taste on your iTunes.

Sherwood is on tour now, with a show in Massachusetts today and will continue all over the United States, along with a couple appearances in Canada. April 12, 13 and 14 will bring them to southern California: Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego.

They started their spring tour on March 2, and the second spot on their list was none other than San Luis Obispo at Downtown Brew on March 3.

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