Five male San Luis Obispo High School seniors caused extensive damage Wednesday morning when they spray-painted graffiti on at least 20 different surfaces, police said. It was discovered at 7 a.m. Wednesday by a custodian.

The suspects were identified after police were given additional information by fellow students who were disturbed by the damage, police said. They all admitted to participating in the vandalism, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. All five were suspended from school and felony vandalism charges will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office, police said.

The graffiti consisted of “2008” and “Don’t hate 08.” The suspects also allegedly spray-painted marijuana leaves on the walls and shot a paint ball gun against doors and windows at least 100 times. They also zip-tied and duct-taped door handles to prevent them from opening, police said.

Three school district employees spent two full days repairing the damage to the school, most of which was at the administration building. One custodian told police it was “the worst damage I have seen in 30 years.”

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