The family of Kristin Smart is clarifying comments made to the Stockton Record about potential recent developments in the long-unsolved case.

According to Family Spokesperson John Segale, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is not putting a timetable on the completion of the ongoing investigation. 

“We sincerely appreciate the amazing support we’ve received and want to be clear that this is an ongoing investigation that is complex, fluid and continuing,” the statement read. 

The statement also clarified that the article from the Stockton Record was based on a conversation between the Smart family and a retired Federal Bureau of Investigations agent, who has provided guidance to the family over the years.

If any further developments have been made in the case, the Sheriff’s Department will notify the family when there is news to announce, according to the statement.

It is vitally important that they take the necessary time required,” the statement read. 

Smart was last seen walking towards her Muir Hall room in 1996. 

The case has been in and out of the news since she disappeared. The most recent lead was in Fall 2016 when the San Luis Obispo Sheriff found remains at the hillside near the “P.” However, the remains were not related to Smart’s case.

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