Ryan Chartrand

The smell of tar was thicker than the air in the room where music senior David Hora sat, waiting to go to his next class.

“A whole bunch of people have headaches, but it’s still the same schedules in the same rooms,” Hora said.

Construction on the roofs of the H.P. Davidson Music Center and Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre has been causing health problems for several students over the past week.

“We had to shut off the air intake from the roof,” music department chair William Spiller said. “And that really helps when there’s a heat wave in the 90s and 100 people are in the choir room preparing for a concert.”

The project started last Saturday, the same day as the debut of the Cal Poly choirs. When completed, both buildings will have new roofs. The Music Center is slated to be finished today, while Spanos Theatre will finish by the end of the week, according to facilities services project manager Greg Lampman.

The smell of tar, however, isn’t guaranteed to stop immediately.

“I would like to say it won’t be in the air, but it depends on the way the wind is blowing,” Lampman said. “In the last few days when it’s been windy, it’s been better,” he said.

Better, however, isn’t bearing well with Spiller.

“I’m not really happy, let’s just say that. I’m having to let my staff leave early because of asthmatic responses,” he said.

Facilities services had trouble determining when to do the construction.

“No good time’s a good time,” Lampman said. “We were going to do it during Christmas break, but who’s going to lay a roof down then?” he said.

There are other roof repair projects currently underway, but none of which involve or will involve tar, Lampman said.

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