As Cal Poly students, we tax ourselves $11 million per year, to be budgeted by those we elect to ASI Student Government. You and I spend $18,000 per year (equivalent to a full-ride scholarship) to compensate our elected president for the 60+ hours per week that they work on our behalf.

We have an investment to protect; $18,000 is a lot of money. We deserve the most dynamic candidate – the one with experience, an incredible track record, established relationships, and perhaps most telling, the highest leadership recognition from their own peers, the ASI Champion award.

Brandon Souza is this candidate. In terms of environmental and economic sustainability, Brandon brings a balanced voice that reflects Cal Poly students. From the experience gained working with assemblymen Sam Blakeslee to bring alternative energy solutions to California, Brandon has partnered with the Renewable Energy Club to explore powering the Rec Center pool with solar energy. This project alone has the ability to save students $240,000 per year, easily justifying $18,000 in compensation. Other candidates offered TVs and iPods; however, Brandon made it clear that he would not buy student votes.

His integrity paid off; Brandon received nearly 500 more votes than any other candidate while running the most economical campaign. We deserve a leader who understands students and their priorities. We deserve someone with demonstrated ability, integrity and passion. We deserve a dynamic individual who practices fiscal responsibility. We deserve an investment with strong returns. We deserve Brandon Souza for ASI President. Re-vote today.

Mike Marcus
City and regional planning senior

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