On Monday, the Mustang Daily did a story on the memorial service in honor of Richard Spencer “Willow” Wood on the first page. On the opinions page, his life was turned into a public service announcement for the moderation of college drinking habits.

This was a completely ill-timed article written by the editorial staff. Some people were never able to attend one of the memorials for Spencer and the irresponsible staff at the Mustang Daily turned his life into a PSA. This is completely disrespectful to Spencer’s friends and family. If someone’s grandma died of emphysema, would you run an anti-smoking campaign? How dare you cheapen the life of my old roommate and friend! What you did was trample on his grave.

What if his family read that? The class of this sub-par newspaper has just sunken to a new low. If you want to warn people about the dangers of drinking, then stick with the “less than four campaign.” This showed a complete lack of respect for the mourning.

Do you realize that those who knew Spencer, but not as well, could have never heard about his passing? I had to break the news to someone the other day. And to top it off, you make a comedy out of it with pictures containing banners that say “Party State,” “Puke University,” “Beer Tech” and “Brew U.” Do you not see how insensitive that is? The editor of this periodical owes an apology to all those in mourning.

Mark Mraule
Agribusiness senior

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