Ryan Chartrand

The lack of consideration and professionalism displayed by the editorial staff was not only disrespectful, but absolutely disgusting. Reporting that Spencer’s death was preventable was not only wrong, but an opinion that shows an inability for the Mustang Daily to research facts and report accurate news. Spencer’s friends do not speculate his death was from a lack of sobriety. It was a tragic accident that broke the hearts of not only his entire family, but professors, employers, and friends he so lovingly touched.

To write such an outlandish, inappropriate, and repulsive article on the six month anniversary of his death proves that writers of this paper have absolutely no class and are incapable of respecting the sudden and tragic loss of our dear Spencer. He was an amazing man that, proven by the attendance of his memorial service, is highly respected, loved and dearly missed.

The Mustang Daily didn’t even write an obituary for Spence, and thank God for that because who knows what skewed opinions would have been expressed. If the Mustang Daily wants to exercise its first amendment rights, go for it. But how dare they disregard the beautiful life Spencer Wood fulfilled. His death was confirmed to NOT be alcohol related because he died from head trauma and internal bleeding.

Would the writers of this article be proud to show it to his still mourning family?

The Mustang Daily should be awfully ashamed and extremely embarrassed for their ghastly, iniquitous, terrible and immoral display of journalism.

Sarah Leilani Arceo
Business administration and marketing senior

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