Some people scour the globe in search of exotic teas, original artwork and authentic music. For those keeping one of San Luis Obispo’s best kept secrets, these things are no closer than a walk downtown.

In a world of pre-fabricated, quick-stop coffee shops where the art and the atmosphere is as freeze dried as the coffee grounds, artist Peter J. Steynberg offers a little more authenticity at his Steynberg Gallery Tea and Coffee house.

For seven years, Steynberg has displayed a variety of pieces by several international artists in the 1932 art deco building located at 1531 Monterey St.

Now with the recent addition of a coffee and tea house Steynberg Gallery is a quiet place perfect for taking time to refresh your mind and body.

“I really enjoy the quiet and pleasant atmosphere and it’s nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the art or just sit and read,” said agribusiness senior Dodge Williams.

Steynberg currently displays original and limited edition pieces by several African artists, as well as some of the best emerging artists in California, including himself. His aim is to share the pieces with whoever might be sparked by curiosity.

“We want to be inclusive, not exclusive. That is our goal,” Steynberg said.

Steynberg’s eclectic collections ensure that even the most casual of art enthusiasts or just those looking for a caffeine fix will find something that they enjoy.

In addition to adding the coffee and tea house, Steynberg has also began to line up musicians for evening shows throughout the year.

“I want to have the top teas and coffee, the top music, and the top art, of course,” said Steynberg who encourages all Cal Poly art students to use his space to study and discuss art.

Primarily, Steynberg began showing pieces from around his home country in Africa. But because of recent trouble with bringing pieces out of Zimbabwe, he has had the opportunity to showcase several artists from the United States.

From Aug. 1 to 27, Steynberg will be showing a collection by Central Coast artist and former Cal Poly architecture student Mark Bryan.

Bryan’s work is satirical, at times dark, and comments on modern day society.

“Sometimes while I’m sketching, I often feel like I’m taking notes at a dark comedy, but the play never ends and I can’t go home,” Bryan said on his Web site.

Although many of Bryan’s pieces further an anti-war agenda, Steynberg does not use his gallery to advance any particular point of view.

“With all the trouble in the world, people don’t take the time to think anymore,” Steynberg said. “I just want to get people to think.”

For more information, contact Steynberg Gallery at 547-0278 or go to

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