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Stephanie England’s article about Gov. Sarah Palin is a typical example of liberal rhetoric: full of ironies. Placing blame or declaring hatred is easier than researching the truth.

England delights in what she believes might have been an unintentional revelation of Sarah Palin’s personality when she is overheard asking Joe Biden, “Can I call you Joe?” (the word “ya” was a Tina Fey/SNL skit. Maybe England watched the wrong debate).

Or perhaps England missed the fact that during the first presidential debate Sen. Obama continuously referred to Sen. McCain as “John,” while McCain gave Obama the due respect of referring to him as “Senator Obama.” I suspect Palin was either trying to be more respectful or was being intentionally contrary to Obama’s arrogance.

England flaunts big words that really mean she thinks Palin is not elite enough to represent America in foreign relations. Contrarily, Pakistani President Zardari had an admirable opinion of Palin, believing her to be very intelligent.

As for England’s blanket endorsement of Biden – the man who never garnered more than 2 percent of the vote during the primaries – she claims his track record and recognition with the public speaks for itself.

Prior to the primaries, exactly who knew Biden existed, let alone what he may have accomplished? England claims he authentically cares about the middle class, yet he has donated less than $1,000 a year to charity in spite of an over $300,000 income.

England accuses Palin of giving no post-presidential debate interviews. Last I checked, Palin isn’t running for president. England also accuses Palin of memorizing and rehashing McCain’s answers; an unreasonable tactic for Palin, but admirable when Biden gave the four-point plan on the Obama exit strategy for Iraq.

While England claims Biden “exuded humility, sound intelligence, hope and a powerful example of the value of hard work,” I saw a very different picture.

I see Palin as a woman, very much like myself, who comes from an average American family. She received her education through a public university, raised a family and worked her way through the political trenches by starting as an active PTA participant.

England conveniently ignores fact. George Bush inherited a faltering economy from Bill Clinton. His tax cuts stimulated a recovery and the unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent. Clinton forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to underwrite loans for low-income families, resulting in compromised investments that reaped huge profits.

Obama is the second highest recipient of tainted campaign funds from these public companies. The house of cards started to fall over the past year under the tutelage of a Democrat-controlled congress that has placed blame on everyone but themselves.

As for arrogance, like beauty, the perception is in the eye of the beholder.

Erika Bigbie is a journalism sophomore and a Mustang Daily guest columnist.

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