A Cal Poly student was arrested on July 7 around 9 p.m. on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and domestic abuse, a San Luis Obispo Police Department press release said.

Recreation parks and tourism administration major Jennifer Fiorillo, 20, was allegedly arguing with her boyfriend, another Cal Poly student, outside of a party for about 20 minutes when witnesses claim they saw the two hit and push each other, the press release said. After Fiorillo entered the apartment and locked the door, her boyfriend apparently gained access by kicking down the door. Fiorillo then stabbed him in the ribcage with a kitchen knife, according to the press release.

The victim was treated for a minor cut at the scene by paramedics and refused any further medical assistance, the press release said.

Officers contacted witnesses and the victim and then determined that Fiorillo was the aggressor in the situation, according to the press release.

Fiorillo was booked on the two charges and transported to the County Jail where she was later released. A court date will likely be set in about a month if she made bail, Lt. Bill Proll said. Whether she will face community service, fines or jail time is up to the judge.

“It depends on her past, how severe the injury was and who started the fight,” Proll said.

The victim was not identified due to the Mustang Daily’s policy on domestic violence.

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