Students turned out to celebrate Israel's Independence Day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Dexter Lawn on Wednesday. | Casey Pontrelli/Mustang News

Mustangs United for Israel (MUFI) brought a little slice of Israel to Dexter Lawn in celebration of Israel’s Independence Day.

The day celebrates when the State of Israel was established — May 14, 1948, or Iyar 5 on the Hebrew calendar. In Israel, people often celebrate by having have barbecues or flying the national flag. MUFI wanted to bring the festivities to Cal Poly this year, MUFI president Tal Edelstein said.

“If you’ve ever been to Israel, (it) is just the epitome of happiness,” business administration sophomore Edelstein said. “The UN ranks it as one of the top happiest places in the world. What we decided to do was just bring that happiness to Cal Poly, to Dexter Lawn.”


The event consisted of two bounce houses, informational posters about Israel, a graffiti board and other games, all while Israeli music played. As an added bonus, falafel pita wraps, baklava and Israeli snacks called Bamba and Bisli were provided. There was also some MUFI and Israel swag — sunglasses, bracelets and shirts.

“I love that they’re doing this,” psychology sophomore Madison Strauss said. “I had no idea MUFI was putting this on, but, as a Jewish person, it’s so cool to see my culture represented on campus.”

Students drifted in and out of the event, playing on the bounce houses, grabbing food before class or checking out the posters.

back of graffiti

“I came by immediately when I heard they were giving out food,” psychology junior Monica Friar said. “But then I stayed, because all this stuff is super cool. I may even spray paint the graffiti board.”

The celebration on Dexter Lawn was new, as is MUFI. This is its first year on campus. MUFI has had several smaller, more personalized events, but this event was much more generalized, according to Edelstein.

“This is different … You’re walking by? Come grab a bite of pita, a bite of falafel,” Edelstein said. “From that standpoint it’s different — it’s not targeted, it’s just, have fun.”

inside tent

Edelstein said this event was something they were going to try to continue every year.

“There’s people here from … such a wide spectrum,” Edelstein said. “It attracts everyone and it’s so much fun — why not have that kind of interaction with people?”

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