Five Cal Poly engineering seniors and Help One Walk (HOW) International put on the event “Finding the Forgotten Ones” this past Friday. The presentation told the story behind how the nonprofit started and how the seniors are involved.

HOW International was started by John Mullen and Douglas Bowman after they heard a story of a young land mine victim named Florencia. She is one of 10,000 who have been affected by more than one million land mines that were laid in Mozambique during the civil war.

HOW International partnered with five Cal Poly engineering students, who are using their senior project to create a low-cost prosthetic limb for the people of Mozambique.

HOW International’s mission is to put legs on all 10,ooo, and they started with Florencia. HOW and the senior project team traveled to Jaipur, India to take Florencia to Jaipur Foot, a nonprofit that has supplied prosthetics for more than 1.55 million people for free.

Laura Hoover attended “Finding the Forgotten Ones” in the Advanced Tech Laboratory to get more information on the work being done for amputees.

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