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Cal Poly Awards Grants for Student Research Projects

Cal Poly awarded grants to support 33 student-led research projects through the university’s Baker and Koob endowments, according to a March 29 press release. The endowments, which support hands-on learning opportunities for students, will fund $108,000 for a variety of projects that are focused on issues ranging from a broad spectrum of topics, including space […]

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Construction management senior project improves CAED design shop accessibility

When the construction management department chair asked Nathan Horst and Steven Zheng to overhaul the College of Architectural and Environmental Design (CAED) support shop at the beginning of summer, Horst’s first thought was: “Wow, that is a big project to take on.”   A majority of construction management senior projects are research-based, meaning a written paper […]

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Senior Project Spotlight: A mental health app designed by college students, for college students

When computer engineering senior Alyssa Liu left for college, her little sister gave her a shoe box filled with letters. Each letter had instructions for when she was supposed to open it; one was for when she missed home, another for when she got her first bad grade. Whenever Liu was feeling down or overwhelmed, she turned to the shoebox for comfort.

That shoebox became the inspiration for Foveo, an app that Liu and her team are working on developing as their senior project to help college students who suffer from mental illness.

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Underground Anthology: A creative writing journal created by and for BIPOC voices

As May 2020 rolled around and Cal Poly students Eddie Railsback and Juan Vergara began playing around with senior project ideas, one discussion led them to the importance of sharing intersectional experiences and the “unwritten barriers” in publishing for people of color. Thein their idea was born: a creative writing journal created by and for Black and Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).

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Students build a life-sized motorized advent calendar for the Cambria Christmas Market

On Nov. 29, the Cambria Christmas Market debuted a life-sized motorized advent calendar — a new feature designed, engineered and constructed by Cal Poly students. Mechanical engineering seniors Sigrid Derickson, Oma Skyrus, Danny Clifton and Tyler Koski took on the calendar as their senior design project in early January 2019. According to engineering professor Lee McFarland, the […]