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University Housing adopted a new free laundry policy for students living on campus due to an increase in freshman admissions, which led to more students living in residence halls.

The target for freshman admittance was 4,451 students, but Cal Poly Admissions ultimately accepted about 5,200 freshmen, according to Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Executive Director of University Housing Jo Campbell.

“We were really looking at adding up to 1,000 beds on campus and we knew that was going to be really dense conditions for students so [we were] trying to think of ways to make that experience a little better for them,” Campbell said.

In addition to free laundry, University Housing made other accommodations for students living on campus such as turning the Poly Canyon Village meeting rooms into study rooms.

“I think the laundry kind of caught people’s attention because they don’t have to pay for something they used to,” Campbell said.

In previous years, laundry cost $1.25 to wash and $0.75 to dry.

“Having laundry be free really helps out,” business administration freshman Megan Celestino said. “It allows us to save money and use it on things that are necessities.”

Other students said the new service won’t affect them.

“It doesn’t affect me that much, my mom would have paid for my laundry anyway,” graphic communication freshman Paola Moreira said.

University Housing plans to keep laundry services free from now on.

“Once you turn that corner, it’s hard to turn back,” Campbell said.

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